Your Lines in your Target Accent
Whether it's Bostonian, Australian, Glaswegian Scots, Dublin, Russian, German or something else—you name it, I'll record your lines in an accent of your choice to an edited high-quality audio file using professional-grade recording equipment in my home sound studio.
Getting it done is fast and easy...
All you need to do is send me an email with...

a) the accent or accents you need the lines recorded in, which character is the one you're playing, and any other pertinent info about the character

b) (an attachment with/a link to) the document containing your lines*
I will reply to confirm the details and when you can expect to receive the link to your audio file.

*I fully appreciate the privacy and discretion involved in the sharing of copyrighted materials, especially when many productions are highly secretive. This is why I endeavor to provide a secure exclusive link to the client whenever possible.

I've been an actor and a teacher, but I've always been obsessed with accents, and I love learning new ones if the one you need is one I haven't learned yet!
Mark is an amazing dialect coach and was able to help me submit a British accent for a major role in a short period of time, even going above and beyond by creating a pronunciation sheet.
Caini, Book Narrator
I needed urgent help with a very specific accent and Mark was a life saver. The service provided was swift and impeccable! 
Renée-Marie, Actor
Here's what previous clients said...
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Record my Lines in the Target Accent
Price includes access to 1 x high-quality audio recording up to a maximum of 15 minutes in length.
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